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  EMail Detective - Forensic Software Tool

for use with GigaTribe / FaceBook / Yahoo and Window Live Chat Logs

EMail Detective Product Information


Chat log processing for GigaTribe, Yahoo, FaceBook and Windows Live Chat are now all included in the Pro version of EMD.

Chat logs and Command Session files generated by GigaTribe v2.0 and v3.0, along with investigator recovered fragments from free space are processed by EMD. EMD will parse through these files and present the conversations in a readable report for the investigator.

FaceBook chat logs retrieved by the investigator can also be processed by EMD. These logs are reparsed and present the data in a straight forward and readable fashion for the investigator.

HPT's EMD tech support area has more information on retrieving fragments and GigaTribe, Yahoo and FaceBook processing for licensed users.


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